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iAPPROVEAPP, LLC Releases the First Comprehensive, Interactive iOS Application for Relationship Management, Sexual Consent and Title IX Compliance

Patent-pending App Helps Users Define and Communicate Relationship Status, Affirmations and Consent Right from their Mobile Device

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – February 8, 2018 – iAPPROVEAPP, a technology firm providing solutions for individual empowerment designed to prevent sexual harassment and assaults, today announced the availability of its pre-release iAPPROVE application. Representing over 3.5 years of rigorous research and advanced development, iAPPROVEAPP is a revolutionary new, patent-pending application and the first and only truly comprehensive personal relationship management tool for Apple’s iOS iPhones capable of supporting individual decisions and certain aspects of Title IX.

Human communications, behavior and interactions are imperfect and unpredictable. We needn’t look any further than elected officials in Washington, state capitols, Hollywood, major corporations, collegiate and professional sports, college campuses, fraternities to sororities and perhaps, even the person you meet or are matched with online, for examples of sexual predators, assaulters, and harassers. iAPPROVE, LLC asked:

“Why not use everyday technology to address the problem and help stamp out sexual violence, assault and harassment?”

Unlike typical dating, matching and proximity location apps that simply match or locate people, iAPPROVEAPP takes relationship communications and consent to higher levels. With iAPPROVEAPP users can always know where they stand with friends and romantic partners. Eliminate ambiguity, define relationships and communicate consent – right from an iPhone.

  • Enables users to better define, communicate and document their choices regarding relationship status, both personal and professional
  • Empowers users to define, communicate and document their choices and decisions regarding their intended and allowed level of personal interactions and activities
  • Provides clear and concise affirmation and consent to a wide range of interactions, including sexual activity
  • Supports compliance with certain Title IX mandates, as well as state laws governing sexual consent, such as those of California (SB 967), New York (S5965) and other states
  • Incorporates powerful data analytics that facilitate and support Title IX reporting requirements, criminal and civil legal procedures, research, private investigations, law enforcement investigations and the claims of individuals using iAPPROVEAPP
  • Utilizes the highest level of data encryption and security to protect user information stored in the cloud

iAPPROVEAPP cannot stop physical attacks, sexual predators, sexual harassment or assault, but it may help reduce them. For organizations licensing iAPPROVEAPP for use by their students and employees, iAPPROVEAPP may reduce vicarious and direct liabilities, and other legal exposures, while supporting safer environments.

iAPPROVEAPP is available for Apple iOS mobile devices (Android coming soon). For a complimentary, no cost, no obligation pre-release version of iAPPROVEAPP, download it at “Apple Store > Search > Enter, “iapproveapp” and then download.” Complimentary offer expires May 31, 2018.

iAPPROVEAPP, LLC provides technology solutions to help prevent sexual harassment and assaults. Our application creates greater personal empowerment over choices and has been designed to successfully address the human and legal complexities of consensual sex, assist in the compliance with legislative and regulatory mandates, and create a verifiable and auditable capability for documenting personal choices, decisions and consent. Visit:

relationships – defined and communicated™

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