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Fraternities and Sororities have long been recognized as developers of leaders. While only 2% of college students are members of the Greek System, the social, developmental, and leadership skills acquired through membership form life long bonds and position many for leadership roles:

  • 80% of Fortune 500 CEOs are products of the Greek System
  • 76% of the United States Senate and Congress are members of the Greek System
  • More than 80% of the US Supreme Court are members of a fraternity or sorority
  • A majority of Presidents of the United States have been in a fraternity

But recently, the Greek System has come under increased scrutiny and criticism related to alcohol consumption and sexual assault:

  • Two studies found that women sorority members were 74% more likely to experience sexual assault that other college women
  • Studies show that 47% to 76% of sexual assaults involve alcohol or drug intoxication
  • Two studies found that fraternity members are 3 times more likely to commit sexual assault than other college men.
  • Less than 50% of students believe their colleges will be “fair” in their investigation and adjudication of reported incidents

iAPPROVE can help Greek organizations change the narrative by adopting cutting edge relationship management and consent technology to protect their members, support sexual harassment and assault prevention and reduce vicarious liability for their organization. iAPPROVE has been designed for and has incorporated many features that help socially responsible fraternities, sororities and clubs comply with institutional mandates and regulatory requirements while supporting the individual initiatives and programs of the sponsoring Greek-life organization or club.

  • The use of iAPPROVE sends an undeniable signal to university administrators and the public that the governing body of the fraternity or sorority is serious, engaged and proactive in complying with the law, as well as enabling and enforcing socially responsible behaviors among its membership.
  • iAPPROVE supports the risk management programs and insurance requirements of many fraternities and sororities
  • iAPPROVE is scalable and can be customized to include your fraternity or sorority’s:
    • Colors, Crest and Badge
    • Motto / Creed
    • Local Chapter and College
    • International/National HQ telephone number
    • Risk Management telephone number
    • Local Graduate Advisor and House Corporations

iAPPROVE provides empowerment to the members, management and leaders of the Greek community to use technology and handheld devices to comply with fraternity and sorority training programs, social responsibility initiatives, values and mission, exemplary behavior, as well as reinforcing and sustaining the highest levels of moral responsibility and respect for individuals and their choices.

Be a Leader… Strengthen and supplement your sexual harassment/assault prevention training, protect your members, your chapters and your national reputation while reducing your vicarious liability with iAPPROVE.

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