Corporations / Professional Sports Teams

All businesses and professional sports teams have the need to manage and mitigate the public exposure and legal hazards associated with personal relationships, sexual harassment and sexual assault. iAPPROVE is uniquely positioned to help businesses and professional sports teams comply with laws as well as addressing workplace behaviors.

  • On average, over 45,000 workplace sexual assaults are reported annually
  • The average sexual harassment lawsuit costs $250,000
  • Sexual harassment/assault costs a Fortune 500 company am estimated $6.7 million annually in absenteeism, lost productivity and unpaid leave
  • 67% of EEOC cases are ruled in favor of the plaintiff

iAPPROVE supports HR Executives and Personnel Managers in satisfying EEOC mandates as well as the provisions of Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, aids in navigating today’s litigious environment and supports investigations including criminal and civil actions.

    Institutional Features:
  • Scalable for large and small organizations
  • Customizable logos, colors and safety contacts
  • Verifiable downloads, edits and reporting
  • Data encrypted, HIPAA-like high security cloud storage
  • Customizable for any organization’s specific code of conduct, employment contracts and pledge of conduct

Strengthen and supplement your sexual harassment training, protect your employees and reduce your vicarious liability with iAPPROVE.

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