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iAPPROVE‘s patent-pending design and robust functionality make it ideal for adoption and deployment by colleges and universities to improve student, faculty and staff safety, compliance with regulations and investigative matters.

The Clery Act (Title IX) requires the more than 11,000 colleges and universities in the United States to report sexual harassment and assaults to the US Department of Education. The costs of investigating, processing, litigating and settling sexual harassment and assault claims are staggering – ranging from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions. And, Title IX compliance gets more complicated and expensive every day.

  • iAPPROVE supports Title IX Compliance Officers, Athletic Directors and Student Safety in meeting and satisfying regulatory mandates, navigating today’s litigious environment and aiding investigations including criminal and civil actions.
  • iAPPROVE supports safe campus initiatives and supplements sexual harassment training and assault prevention programs.
  • iAPPROVE supports the unique needs of the institution by helping to address the issues of vicarious liability, timely responsiveness and verifiable data.

    iAPPROVE addresses the tough questions:

  • How can relationship status and awareness be proven?
  • How can consent be given, verified and documented?
  • How can events, times and locations be established?
  • How can the parties be identified and verified?
  • How can impairment due to intoxication/coercion be assessed?
  • How can continuous progressive affirmation be proven?
  • How long is consent and affirmation valid?
  • Did all parties clearly define, communicate and understand status, expectations and consent?
  • Were communications clear, accurate and acknowledged?
  • Was consent offered and accepted?
  • Were calls to STOP and calls for HELP documented?
  • How can personal safety be improved?

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