Introducing iAPPROVE

Introducing iAPPROVEAPP
You Have the Power

A typical day in the life …

  • While waiting for your morning coffee, you meet an interesting person and exchange a few words. Clearly, the potential for a “connection” exists. The person was nice, engaging, attractive, and seemed to be genuinely interested in you.
    What do you do next?
  • You and another person having been working for weeks on an out of town project. You are sharing transportation, eating together, working late and holding meetings and working sessions in each other’s rooms. Your teammate is increasingly informal and flirtatious, but you have no interests other than completing the project.
    How do you best communicate and document your sentiments and boundaries?
  • It’s final exam time and you are studying with a classmate. You are in close confines, sharing ideas, sharing coffee…perhaps even studying through the night together. There’s a lot that can happen and emotions run high. Your study partner is starting to get romantic ideas, you’re not.
    How do you make sure there are no mixed signals?
  • You’ve been seeing the same person for a few times. They are nice and you always have fun when you are with them. You’re ready to move the relationship to the next level, but want to make sure that your personal boundaries are known and respected.
    How do you ensure your boundaries are understood?
  • You are on a date and have been consuming alcoholic beverages. Your date is trying to get you to “Come to my house,” but you aren’t comfortable with the idea and want to say “No.”
    How do you best communicate your state of mind?
  • You’ve met someone…maybe just a few hours ago, or maybe a few weeks or months ago. You both want to be intimate and enjoy a sexual encounter.
    How do you communicate and document your limits and consent?
  • You engaged in sex with someone about six months ago and now you are in a legal situation and facing potentially serious consequences and costs. Whether you are the accused or accuser, you need to legally prove the level of consent you gave and received, your understanding of consent, the conditions of consent, whether consent was continuous, and whether the consent and understanding of consent was mutual and clear.
    How do you document your actions?

Whether in the boardroom, on the set, in the classroom, on the court or field, or in your business and career…you’ve worked hard! Why risk it all?

With a few swipes and clicks, you can use iAPPROVEAPP and its advanced features and HIPAA-like security to manage your personal and professional relationships, and communicate decisions, permissionss and consent with other people.

With iAPPROVE, you always know where you stand with your associates, friends and romantic partners.