Features and Capabilities

iAPPROVEAPP Features and Capabilities

Regulatory and Statutory Support and Benefits Individual Institutional
Helps Support Investigation, Compliance and Reporting for:
Title IX
FERPA (20USC 1231g: 34 C.F.R. §688.46(k)-(m)
VAWA (Pub. L. 113-14; 103-322)
Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act
Title VII (Pub. L., 88-353, 78 Stat. 241) – Civil Rights ActIX
CA-SB 967
CA-SB 695
Uniform Code of Military Justice
Articles – 43, 80, 120 and 125
Law Enforcement and Private Investigations
Functions and Benefits Individual Institutional
Highly HIPAA-Like Secured Database
Easy and Fun to Use
Relationship Management and Communication
Improves Ability to Collaborate Statements
Provides Insight into Decisions, State of Mind and Expectations
Defines and Communicates Partner Status
Defines and Communicates Relationship Status
Defines and Communicates Level of Relationship
Defines Progressive Levels of Activities and Permissions
Defines, Communicates and Documents Permissions, Consetn and Affirmation
Communicagtes Expectations, Status and Permissions
Provides Standard Message Scripts and Standard Definitions
Provides Stop, Panic and Emergency Callouts
Defines Relationship Status Specific to a Known Person
Provides Insight into Timelines and Communications
Customizable for Employment Contracts, Pledges and Standards of Conduct
May Help in Reducing Direct, Personal and Vicarious Liabilities
Features and Options Individual Institutional
Customizable for Colors, Logos, Mottos, Tag Lines
Customizable for Codes of Conduct, Pledges, Oaths
Customizable for Employment Contracts
Customizable for Labor Union Contracts
Customizable Reports and Advanced Data Analytics
Customizable for Local Security, Law Enforcement and Services
Customizable for Private Security Services and Contacts
Scalable for Mass Users
Annual License Agreement and Fee
Discounts for Large Users
Automatic Updates for Active Subscribers
24×7 Customer Support
Long-term, Secure Data Retention
Coming Soon Individual Institutional
Android Devices Pending Pending
Multi-Language Versions Pending Pending
French Pending Pending
German Pending Pending
Italian Pending Pending
Spanish Pending Pending
Partner Activity and Preference Matching Pending Pending