Benefits of iAPPROVEAPP

  • Define your partner status
  • Define your activity levels
  • Establish consent and communicate your permissions
  • Communicate and document your decisions
  • Enhance your security and privacy
iAPPROVE empowers individuals to define and establish levels, boundaries, status, rules, consent, permissions, activities, intentions and interactions with another person using predefined and described terms, standardized text messages, and unique definitions all within the security and privacy of the iAPPROVE application.

iAPPROVE users can say YES and NO, establish boundaries and permissions that are clearly defined and immediately communicated to associates, friends and partners… at their fingertips on their mobile phone!

iAPPROVE‘s unique design leaves no doubt as to personal expectations, relationship status, level of interest, level of commitment, level of physical intimacy and level and type of permissions for relationship status, working relationships, dating and sexual activity.

iAPPROVE empowers users with a relationship management tool that provides clear, concise and documented communications.

iAPPROVE supports personal safety with PANIC features, automated dial-outs to law enforcement, GPS location and sexual assault resources.

Important: iAPPROVE cannot stop rape, sexual assault/harassment, sexually transmitted diseases or unplanned pregnancy – no application can. Sexual assault is human behavior and we can only try to prevent and prosecute it to the fullest extent possible and care for the victims of this heinous crime. However, iAPPROVE may help prevent sexual assault, can support the training and compliance requirements of many businesses, organizations, higher educational institutions, and government agencies, and assist with investigative, legal and judicial processes. iAPPROVE’s unique functionality, security features and data bases may also help reduce vicarious liability for organizations that is omnipresent today.