Our Company

iAPPROVEAPP, LLC, designs, builds, markets, licenses and provides proprietary app-based software that will help not only private individuals document their expectations, decisions and choices, but may also assist organizations, employers and institutions comply with regulatory provisions, reporting requirements and various statutes, as well as supporting law enforcement investigative efforts and judicial proceedings. Our software is thoughtfully and expertly designed, highly engineered, feature rich, easily deployable, provides advanced security and data analytics features and is fun to use.

Sexual harassment, sexual assault and questions of consent are in the news seemingly every day. It is a widespread problem impacting individuals, colleges and universities, social organizations, corporations, sports professionals and college athletes, and members of government and the military. It is a critical issue, and we thought, “there should be an app for that!” and then we got serious and built one.

“Susan and I wanted to create a safer, more enjoyable environment, not only for students and members of the Greek community, but also for employers, corporations and the men and women who serve our country. We wanted to build something that people could use to help navigate their private lives, especially with personal, professional and intimate relationships. We looked around and asked, “Why not use everyday technology?” That question began an almost 4-year R&D effort resulting in iAPPROVEAPP.” ~ M. Mische.


iAPPROVEAPP was conceived, designed and developed by Michael Mische, a University of Southern California professor and former KPMG consulting partner, and Susan Huberman a marketing professional, former CMO and mother of a teenage daughter and son.

iAPPROVE is a patent-pending, robust relationship management application that empowers individuals to define relationships, communicate permissions and document progressive consent for personal, professional and intimate relations.

Our Mission

iAPPROVEAPP, LLC provides technology solutions to help define and communicate personal, professional and intimate relationships. Our aspiration is to help prevent sexual harassment and assaults. Our applications create greater personal empowerment over decisions and choices and have been specifically and thoughtfully designed to help address many of the human and legal complexities associated with relationship management, permissions and consensual sex, while assisting in the compliance with legislative and regulatory mandates, and creating a verifiable and auditable capability for documenting personal expectations, choices, decisions and permissions.

relationships – defined and communicatedTM