iAPPROVE is the first ever relationship management application that supports individual empowerment. iAPPROVE is an iOS application that defines and communicates relationship status, decisions, personal permissions and expectations easily, clearly and securely. With iAPPROVE, you always know where you stand with your associates, friends and romantic partners.

Safe, Secure & Verifiable
  • Supports and promotes personal safety and security
  • PIN activated
  • GPS location enabled
  • Panic features including direct dial to emergency services
  • Secure, HIPAA-like encrypted cloud-based data storage
Compelling Value & Economics
  • Affordable licensing model
  • May reduce vicarious liability and lower investigative, legal and settlement costs
  • Demonstrates commitment to promoting safety and social responsibility while helping to stamp out sexual harassment and assault
Patent-Pending Design
  • Easy to use, intuitive interface
  • Highly flexible and easily customized
  • Supports Title IX compliance and reporting
  • Provides verifiable documentation of progressive affirmation and consent
  • Supports California, New York and other states and jurisdictions
Easy to use & Scale
  • Intuitive interface with fast, interactive response between users
  • Built for iOS platform
  • Includes standard and user-defined features and functions
  • Scalable for individual, organizations and institutional use
  • Customizable for organizations and institutions